Evening Maktab (Boys)

Our aim is to educate and prepare the youth of this Ummah through knowledge, wisdom, good morals and manners using the Holy Quran & Sunnah as the foundation for their studies. Masjid Zakariya provides structured learning for boys and girls. In order to create an atmosphere of correct Islamic morals and etiquettes, our classes are taught in gender segregated environments under the supervision of qualified Islamic and Quranic teachers. Our students will be studying the following: Quranic Studies, Arabic Language Studies, Islamic Studies, Authentic Du’a & Adhkaar Memorization.

Boys are taught separately by male and female instructors on separate floors.

Following the online registration process you will subscribe, confirm and download registration form to complete, sign and hand over to teacher. 

Maktab Class Annual Holidays

The children maktab classes will be closed during the following periods;

           July 02, 2018 to September 03, 2020    Summer Holidays including Eidul-Adha
           22 December 2018 – 06 January 2020    December Holidays

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