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EID AL-ADHA SALAH Announcement

Eid Salah will on Friday the 31 July@ 7:30am

Eid Mubarak

Registration will be on site 1st come first serve bases. Please come early and register starting 6:45am
Important (Weather conditions)

Depending on weather if there is no rain then Brothers will prayer outside in masjid lawn and Sisters will pray inside main and upper level as well. 
Important (Weather conditions and capacity)

In case of rain the prayer is limited to 70 participants 50 brothers (Main floor and basement) & 20 sisters (Sisters area upstairs) same as Jumma Prayers.

Social distancing will be strictly observed.
Masks are mandatory. Bring your own mask.
Bring your own prayer mat / rug.
In order to attend you must first complete Ontario's COVID-19 self-assessment, and then proceed to on site registration.

If the results of your assessment recommend that you not attend gatherings with others, please do not register.
  1. Complete Ontario's COVID-19 self-assessment
  2. Register yourself and each additional individual separately. You will NOT be allowed to enter the prayer area without registration
  3. Make wudhu at home as washroom facilities will NOT be available.
  4. Wear a mask, and bring a prayer rug for one (no sharing allowed); no tarps will be spread on the ground so you may want to bring plastic to spread under your prayer rug to avoid soiling it.
  5. Attendees must maintain a minimum 6-foot distance at all times including congregational prayers (jamaat).. Please bring your own chair if you require one.
  6. Follow the directions of our volunteers at all times
  7. Give salaams and gestures from a safe distance; do not congregate to socialize with others.
  8. Disperse right after the Fard prayer. You can perform your sunnah prayers at home.
  9. Masjid Zakariya may screen all attendees for fever using a contactless thermometer.
Visit New Normal Guide at Masjid Zakariya Web Site
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